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The Team

Raúl Astete

Founder & CEO / Audio Engineer

Audio and mixing engineer, graduated from Superior Technological Institute Orson Welles in 2007, in Lima - Perú. In the same year, Raúl started working at Polaris Music, an advertising oriented recording studio. In less than a year, he became chief engineer.


In 2010, Raúl left Polaris Music, to pursue his life dream and launch his own recording studio, Stereomonkey, initially oriented to sound post production for advertising. In 2011 he associated with composer/producer/songwriter Karin Zielinski, with whom started to change the orientation of Stereomonkey, to work in the sound post production for featured and short films.

Raúl has been in charge of the mixing and sound design for over 20 featured films, diverse documentaries, many of which have won several awards internationally. Also, he has made the mixing and sound post production of multiple advertising projects.

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Karin Zielinski

Co-Funder / Music Composer

Film composer, producer and songwriter. Master in Film Scoring and Music for Audiovisual Media at the Superior Music School of Cataluña (ESMUC), in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from University of Lima in 2007 with a major on Communications, in Lima, Perú.

In 2009 Karin started to work as a composer of commercials in Polaris Music, an advertising recording studio. After one year, she left the studio to pursue opportunities independently. In 2011 she gets associated with audio engineer Raúl Astete, to impulse Stereomonkey studios.


In Stereomonkey, Karin has written and produced music for diverse advertising projects. In 2011, she had the chance to compose the original music of "El Limpiador", her first featured film, which won multiple and important international awards, including Best Original Music at the Punta del Este International Film Festival and a nomination for Best Original Music at the Platino Awards of Iberoamerican Cinema.

In 2016, Karin moved to Barcelona, to get a master in Film Scoring and Music for Audiovisual Media at the Superior Music School of Cataluña (ESMUC).


To date, Karin has composed, in many cases orchestrated, and produced the original music for over 40 films of diverse genre, including featured and short films, as well as documentaries. 

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